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    we will organize some events this weekend.

    Tomorrow(Friday), 15.01.2021

    We will start the Rescue of the Hero Event at 17:00 CET. It will be activated until Saturday 23:59 CET. The crafting of medals will be activated until Sunday evening 20:00 CET!

    Sunday, 17.01.2021

    18:00 - 21:00 CET = 25% EXP & Drop Rates Event

    Together We Rise!<3

    Winners of the real money prizes:

    1st: 187

    2nd: xDoerbi

    3rd: IWillDeny

    We will contact you, you dont need to pm us! :)

    To show that there was no cheating in the competition, we will upload the draw for you afterwards.

    Information: The winners of the christmas candy cane ranking need to pm me in Discord!

    Hello everyone,

    From now on, every fraud attempt with a fake offer will be punished with a permanent IP / HWID ban. A possibility of unbanning your account is absolutely impossible! Support for victims of such fraud will also be restricted. Since this support costs us so much time, we have much less time to concentrate on the future of the server. Therefore, we unfortunately have to go the radical way and punish every fraud attempt with a permanent ban.

    We hope you all can understand this decision.

    Your Xaleas Team<3


    dont forget to deliver your Candy Canes to the Christmas tree! Today evening at 22:00 CET we will stop the delivery and analyze the winners. So you only have time to deliver until 22:00 CET today!!

    Together We Rise! <3


    some additions to the christmas event here.

    Real Money Prizes for delivering RUrtaab.png Candy Canes!

    The delivery of the RUrtaab.png Candy Canes is no longer limited. As all stages are now completed and the Christmas event is now extended until 3rd January, we have decided to give the RUrtaab.png Candy Canes an additional value besides the ranking.

    All players who have hung more than 5000 RUrtaab.png Candy Canes by the Christmas tree on the 3rd of January will get into a huge pot. Of all the players in this pot, 3 winners will be drawn in turn to be blessed with a real money prize. After all winners are known, we will contact the winners by ourselves.

    1st = 100€ in real money!

    2nd = 50€ in real money!

    3rd = 25€ in real money!

    Firework Drop

    You will now drop Firework from all monsters. This drop is activated until 3rd of January!

    !! Information !!

    The Christmas items in the item shop are only available until 27th December. After that, the sale will be discontinued!

    The whole Xaleas Team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! <3


    thank you for your feedback. We will talk about your feedback in the next admin meeting.

    I have one question about a point of you. Can you explain me please in detail what do you mean with that?

    a lot of fails (75 lv weapons, sashes and equipment in general)

    You mean upgrading is failing a lot?


    tomorrow, 13th of December, you have the chance to buy one of 20 of our special rare "Heavensguard Costume" (in 30 Day version) in our Itemshop. The special offer will be started at 19:00 CET. Once all 20 costumes have been purchased in the item shop, this costume will never be available in the item shop again.

    Information: After buying this item in itemshop, you have 2 days to choose your costume in male or female. If you forget to select the gender of the costume after purchase, you have no chance for a refund! The purchased item to select the gender has a 2-day expiry date.(costume icon)

    The price will be 3900 coins. Make sure you have enough coins if you want to buy the special rare costume

    Screenshot of the costumes:


    Together We Rise! <3

    Hello everyone,

    we have thought about all this and thought about the decision we will make. It is not easy to satisfy everyone and some will certainly not agree with our decision.But to be honest, we are the ones who have to make sure that Xaleas works and that the concept works.

    In our opinion, permanent ores are a luxury and therefore not a must.

    You don't need permanent ores to be any better. It has the aspect of comfort only and therefore we will at least not adjust the high level ores in the crafting process. We are considering a different solution in the future.

    For the low and midgame ores i have to agree with you. These are almost equally difficult to make and that should not be the case. So in patch 1.3 we will adjust the crafting of all low and midgame ores. But we will not take over the amounts of crafting ingredients suggested here! We will make our own adjustments.

    Thanks for all comments and votes! <3

    Kind Regards

    Hello everyone,

    It is time. Winter is here, it is cold outside, small streams and lakes freeze. Villagers decorate their windows with Christmas decoration. Everywhere it smells of sweet cookies and delicious sweets. Christmas is just some steps away. Not only in front of yours, also in front of Xaleas. Xaleas is also in the Christmas mood. Here they are working hard to make this year's festival a wonderful one. Xaleas celebrates Christmas this year from 1st December to 27th December. We would like to introduce you to what you can expect on Xaleas during this wonderful time.

    Christmas Event on Xaleas


    Advent Calendar

    We have prepared an Advent Calendar for you. From December 1st to December 24th you can open a door every day. Each door contains a task to be completed by you within 24 hours. The 24 hours start at 00:00 CET and end at 23:59 CET! For more tasks you have successfully completed, the higher your reward will be. Everyone can collect the reward from Santa on 25th December.


    The rewards are as follows:

    Completed Tasks Reward
    1-5 completed Tasks 2000x Enchant Item
    3x Dungeon Power-Hour Cooldown-Ticket
    6-10 completed Tasks 4000x Enchant Item
    4x Dungeon Power-Hour Cooldown-Ticket
    1x Shoulder Sash Box
    2x Magic Stone
    11-18 completed Tasks 6000x Enchant Item
    5x Dungeon Power-Hour Cooldown-Ticket
    3x Shoulder Sash Box
    4x Magic Stone
    1x Ticket for 1H Double Metin Loot (private Event)
    19-23 completed tasks 10.000x Enchant Item
    5x Dungeon Power-Hour Cooldown-Ticket
    5x Shoulder Sash Box
    5x Magic Stone
    1x Ticket for 1H Double Metin Loot (private Event)
    1x Ticket for 1H Double Boss Loot (private Event)
    1x Noble Shining Box [ITEMSHOP]
    All 24 Tasks are completed 20.000x Enchant Item
    5x Dungeon Power-Hour Cooldown-Ticket
    10x Shoulder Sash Box
    8x Magic Stone
    2x Ticket for 1H Double Metin Loot (private Event)
    2x Ticket for 1H Double Boss Loot (private Event)
    2x Noble Shining Box [ITEMSHOP]
    1x Costume Chest
    1x Weapon Costume Chest
    1x Ring of Winter(15Day) [ITEMSHOP]

    The single tasks will be a secret to surprise you :P

    Special Drops

    During the whole event you can alternatively drop from all monsters:

    6S4ydab.png Mixture of Spice(Gingerbread)

    6S4ydab.png Mixture of Spice(Speculatius)

    6S4ydab.png Mixture of Spice(Cinnamoon Star)

    RNhycab.png Snowflake

    p8iycab.png Christmas Ball

    RUrtaab.png Candy Cane

    hAqFbab.png Flour

    JeRrcab.png Milk

    uwjrgab.png Sugar

    With this items you can buy other christmas items at the Event store on Map1, next to Santa.

    Christmas Store

    With some items you can shop in the christmas store. There are a lot of costumes, mounts and pets with very nice and worthy bonusses.


    Christmas Bakery

    The other items are ingredients for baking christmas cookies and drinking mulled wine.


    REJSeab.png Gingerbread

    +10% Strong against Metins

    <lasts for 2 hours>

    ado4fab.png Speculatius

    +5% Strong against Bosses

    <lasts for 2 hours>

    zxmKbab.png Cinnamoon Star

    +3000 HP

    <lasts for 2 hours>

    yFAXcab.pngMulled Wine

    +30% EXP

    <lasts for 2 hours>


    Lucky Boss Spawn

    We also have implemented a chance of 15% to spawn a exclusive christmas boss after killing a normal boss in the open world. The christmas boss is a evil one, you need to kill them and with a little bit of luck you can get a stolen f4fyfab.png Christmas Gift.

    Contents of the f4fyfab.png Christmas Gift:



    Candy Cane Ranking & Stages

    The captured RUrtaab.png Candy Canes can be handed in at Christmas Tree to be featured in the Top 15 Ranking. The 15 players who have given the most RUrtaab.png Candy Canes to Christmas Tree will receive a special reward.


    1st: 10€ Coins + Permanent Christmas Costume Set + Ring of Winter(15 Day)

    2nd: 10€ Coins + Permanent Christmas Costume Set + 3x Christmas Gift

    3rd: 5€ Coins + 30 Day's Christmas Costume Set + Christmas Mount (30 Days) + 3x Christmas Gift

    4th - 10th: 30 Day Christmas Costume Set + 2x Christmas Gift

    11th - 15th: 3x Christmas Gift


    At the Christmas Tree you can hand in your collected RUrtaab.png Candy Canes. There is a counter for the whole community of collected recipes. So you can unlock different stages with the given Candy Canes, which iwll unlock an event. It is important to note that as soon as a stage is reached, the next stage is stopped. Afterwards, usually on the following day, the respective event of the stage is activated by an Admin. Omly one event per day can be activated. Only when the event is finished, the further delivery of Candy Canes is possible again.

    Stage Amount of Candy Canes Event
    1 RUrtaab.png 10.000 Candy Canes 25% EXP Event for 6 hrs
    2 RUrtaab.png 25.000 Candy Canes 2 Hours Chest of Enchantment Event
    3 RUrtaab.png 45.000 Candy Canes 1 Hour Double Boss Loot Event
    4 RUrtaab.png 65.000 Candy Canes 1 Hour Double Metin Loot Event
    5 RUrtaab.png75.000 Candy Canes 4 hours Dungeon Power-Hour Event
    6 RUrtaab.png 90.000 Candy Canes 12 Hours Rescue of the Hero Event
    7 RUrtaab.png 125.000 Candy Canes 2 Hours double Metin Loot Event followed by 2 Hours Double Boss Loot Event
    8 RUrtaab.png 200.000 Candy Canes 1 Week extension of the Christmas Event


    At the End of the Event, latest at the 24th of January we will delete all free Costumes, Mounts, Pets, buff Food and Ring of Winter(5 and 15 Days). All standard bonusses of costumes, Pets and Mounts will be deleted!

    On the 24th of January we will delete all the rest of the event.

    Based on the time which the items have, we will delete all. As example 27th of December was the last day of sale, so 27th Dec + 15/30 Days we will delete the items.




    Hello everyone,

    today we released a new update to the Live Server. The game is now running on version 1.2. You can read all changes of Update 1.1 below. But first one important information for you. From now we will write our Patch Notes a little different as before. We will categorize our Patch Notes in New, Changes and Fixes. If necessary, we will also explain at the end of the Patch Notes List everything new that has been added.


    • We've added the Christmas Event. More information here -> *click*
    • We've added the Shining System. More information below.
    • We've added a fully new itemshop with new offers and items.
    • We have implemented a new warp option for the Map1 cosmetics area.
    • We have implemented a new Item "Diamond Tool". By drag and drop this item onto a Legendary Diamond, you will get Legendary Diamond Powder. The Diamond Tool now drops from all boss monsters in open world with a low - medium drop rate. (90, 100, 105 and 115 Map)
    • We have implemented a new NPC in the cosmetic crafting area specialized for shinings.
    • From now penetration hits will be shown in pink. Critical hits are still in purple.
    • We've added a permanent bravery cape into the general store.
    • We have added the permanent crafting for Halloween and Heavenguards costumes.
    • We have added a new option in game options where you can hide all shinings.
    • You can now craft the Ghost-Horse permanent and legendary.
    • You can now craft the Pirate-Parrot Pet into permanent.
    • From now all boss monsters are marked on the overview map.
    • You will now drop Shining Enchant Items from the following metinstones:
      • Level 45-90 Metin = low drop rate
      • Level 90-105 Map Metins = medium drop rate
      • Level 115 Map Metins = high drop rate
    • You will now drop Shining Reinforce Item from Boss monster chests starting at level 150 dungeons.
    • We also have added a Shining Chest to the Level 105+ dungeon boss chests where you can get a random Shining.
    • We've added some Shinings into the Achievement Shop.


    • You can now only use the dispel skill on players in a +-15 level area.
    • The Metinstone in Grotto of Exile 2 will now only spawn melee monsters.
    • The Metinstone in Grotto of Exile 2 now gives you EXP.
    • We have increased the time for beginner itemshop items from 2 to 5 days.
    • We have doubled the drop of Dragon Stone Shard from level 45 to 90 metinstones.
    • We have deleted the equipment in the Chest of tree Beings and Velora Desert Chest.
    • We have changed the yang drop bonus from the Legendary Knuud Pet into the double item drop bonus.
    • Changed Resistance against Monsters into Strong against Metins Bonus on the Level 115 PvM helmet.
    • Increased the Skill damage of Lv 115 PvP helmet from 10% to 15%.
    • Increased the Skill damage of Lv 115 PvP boots from 8% to 20%.
    • Changed the Skill resistance bonus to Skill damage bonus on Lv 115 PvP belt.
    • Changed the Skill resistance bonus on Belt of Frost to skill damage bonus.
    • Changed the average hit resistance bonus on Belt of Fire to average damage bonus.
    • Increased the attack value on Obsidian bracelet from 55 to 120.
    • We've added skill damage bonus to Kyanite and Obsidian Bracelet.
    • Emerald bracelet now have skill damage bonus.
    • Garnet bracelet now have average hit resistance bonus.
    • Pyraia and Garnaid now only drop 1x Upgrade Chest instead of 2.
    • We have changed the contents from High level dungeon boss chests. Only chests where you drop now will have new content, the old ones are still like before.
    • Changed the spawn time for the 4 bosses in the Jotun's Forest Temple(spawning faster).
    • Adjusted the damage on the World bosses.


    • Fixed the magical attack value on sashes.
    • Fixed the visual shop time(for open a shop).
    • Fixed the transmutation of fan's, Bell's etc.
    • Fixed the design of permanent Nirwana mount.
    • Fixed the Shortcuts in romanian client.

    Explanation of the Shining System

    We have added 4 different versions of all shinings. The differences are as follows:

    • 5 Day Shinings are the Free Version from Achievement Shop. You can only add 1 bonus to them. You can also only use the (b) items to enchant the shining.
    • 15 Day Shinings are the normal ones from ingame drop(boss chests) or the itemshop. Here you can add 2 bonusses. The Enchant items are droppable from metinstones and boss monster chests.
    • Permanent Shinings can have up to 3 different bonusses. You can craft 15 Day Shinings into a permanent one.
    • Legendary Shinings are made from Permanent Shinings. Here you can also add 3 bonusses but the special here is, that the bonus value are higher than on all other shinings. As example: All Shinings can have 5% Half Humans. Legendary Shinings can have maximal 10%. So its very worth to craft them.

    You can equip 4 Shinings in the same time.

    1x Weapon Shining

    2x Armor Shining

    1x Special Shining (this are rare shinings)


    Normal Shining Bonus:

    Bonus Value Value² Weapon Shining Armor Shining Special Shining
    Max HP 500 1000 ×
    Casting Speed 3 8
    Chance of Critical Hits 3 5
    Chance of Penetration Hits 3 5
    Attack value 15 25 ×
    Intelligence 2 5 × ×
    Strength 2 5 × ×
    Dexterity 2 5 × ×
    Vitality 2 5 × ×
    Strong against Animals, Orcs, ... 3 8 × ×
    Strong against Warrior 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Sura 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Ninja 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Shaman 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Bosses 2 4 × ×
    Strong against Metins 2 4 × ×
    Strong against Half Humans 3 5 × ×

    Legendary Shining Bonus:

    Bonus Value Value² Weapon Shining Armor Shining Special Shining
    Max HP 1000 1500 ×
    Casting Speed 8 12
    Chance of Critical Hits 5 10
    Chance of Penetration Hits 5 10
    Attack value 25 50 ×
    Intelligence 5 8 × ×
    Strength 5 8 × ×
    Dexterity 5 8 × ×
    Vitality 5 8 × ×
    Strong against Animals, Orcs, ... 8 10 × ×
    Strong against Warrior 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Sura 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Ninja 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Shaman 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Bosses 4 8 × ×
    Strong against Metins 4 8 × ×
    Strong against Half Humans 5 10 × ×

    A very important information:

    You need to download the new client on our website. Its impossible to use the old client after this update!


    here are all winners of the Halloween Event. I will contact you ingame in the next few days. If did not contact you in the next few days, contact me in discord, so we can make a time for giving the reward :)

    Congratz @ all winners


    Together We Rise! <3


    we have drawn all winners of the review event. We want to thank all participants, also those who unfortunately did not win. The draw was done with a random name picker and therefore the winners were chosen absolutely randomly. A proof video of the counting will be added later.

    In the following we name all 10 winners who have won coins. We only mention the number of the answer in our thread on and the username of the respective Elitepvpers account.

    The winnings will be automatically credited to your account. Only the winners of the costumes have to contact me.

    The 10 Winners of 10€ Coins:

    #1695 (LabbaMichNichtVoll)

    #1691 (KörperK)

    #1702 (NotForEveR)

    #1723 (Aroside)

    #1708 (LeXaVo)

    #1704 (CarryAlex)

    #1724 (Alpey)

    #1694 (AddiCTeT56)

    #1701 (WeedyConsales)

    #1721 (Sturmios)

    The 3 Winners of a special rare costume:

    #1701 (WeedyConsales)

    #1721 (Sturmios)

    #1704 (CarryAlex)

    Congratz to all winners!

    Together We Rise! <3