Players come and leave

  • I've been here since the beginning and I have seen it all, good updates, bad updates, players leaving, bugs and from what I've noticed, most of the players come and go in few days/weeks...

    In the last 2 months about 50 portuguese players joined my guild and all of them left, not a single one stayed, and its frustrating because almost all of them left because of the same reasons:

    - not much progress

    - cant sell their stuff

    - demon tower is too hard

    - dungeons are too long and confusing

    - a lot of fails (75 lv weapons, sashes and equipment in general)

    - get to lvl 100 and get bored of the game

    And I agree, the low-medium lvl is boring especially with a low amount of players in the sv, it should be easy and straight forward in the beginning and just get harder in the high lvls, but its already confusing in the orc dungeon, the first dungeon players do and its just so big and confusing, its obvious that players wont like that, and when they lvl up they just get bigger and bigger dungeons to do...

    We are only getting more players now because of all the promotions but if no major update comes most of them will leave like always...

  • Some new players from my guild just stopped playing because they could not upgrade stuff like poison sword or the sashes, alchemy was very slow, others found the 2 last bosses of demon tower too hard, others just got bored because they were not getting much progression, others went to other servers because it was easier or there were more players... This is basically it, most of the new players that come quit in few days/weeks

  • And for example, in the last 3 months I farmed so hard to have everything done, and now that I have almost everything done there's no pvp.. No pvp arena like other servers, just more and more content, I like new content but I also want pvp in the server

  • especially for upgrading 75er weapons i can really agree

    i play with two friends here and we really had such a hard time upgrading them

    without the help of a friendly stranger we would not be able to get them +9 and that point

    im not sure about the demontower but yeah they seem a bit strong at the end

    with three players we were able to beat the demon tower at begin but it was pretty hard^^

    but honestly:

    just because its not that easy its also nice

    thats also a reason why we like the server