Special offer of a Special rare Costume

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    tomorrow, 13th of December, you have the chance to buy one of 20 of our special rare "Heavensguard Costume" (in 30 Day version) in our Itemshop. The special offer will be started at 19:00 CET. Once all 20 costumes have been purchased in the item shop, this costume will never be available in the item shop again.

    Information: After buying this item in itemshop, you have 2 days to choose your costume in male or female. If you forget to select the gender of the costume after purchase, you have no chance for a refund! The purchased item to select the gender has a 2-day expiry date.(costume icon)

    The price will be 3900 coins. Make sure you have enough coins if you want to buy the special rare costume

    Screenshot of the costumes:


    Together We Rise! <3