Update 1.2 ~ Patch Notes ~ 30.11.2020

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    Hello everyone,

    today we released a new update to the Live Server. The game is now running on version 1.2. You can read all changes of Update 1.1 below. But first one important information for you. From now we will write our Patch Notes a little different as before. We will categorize our Patch Notes in New, Changes and Fixes. If necessary, we will also explain at the end of the Patch Notes List everything new that has been added.


    • We've added the Christmas Event. More information here -> *click*
    • We've added the Shining System. More information below.
    • We've added a fully new itemshop with new offers and items.
    • We have implemented a new warp option for the Map1 cosmetics area.
    • We have implemented a new Item "Diamond Tool". By drag and drop this item onto a Legendary Diamond, you will get Legendary Diamond Powder. The Diamond Tool now drops from all boss monsters in open world with a low - medium drop rate. (90, 100, 105 and 115 Map)
    • We have implemented a new NPC in the cosmetic crafting area specialized for shinings.
    • From now penetration hits will be shown in pink. Critical hits are still in purple.
    • We've added a permanent bravery cape into the general store.
    • We have added the permanent crafting for Halloween and Heavenguards costumes.
    • We have added a new option in game options where you can hide all shinings.
    • You can now craft the Ghost-Horse permanent and legendary.
    • You can now craft the Pirate-Parrot Pet into permanent.
    • From now all boss monsters are marked on the overview map.
    • You will now drop Shining Enchant Items from the following metinstones:
      • Level 45-90 Metin = low drop rate
      • Level 90-105 Map Metins = medium drop rate
      • Level 115 Map Metins = high drop rate
    • You will now drop Shining Reinforce Item from Boss monster chests starting at level 150 dungeons.
    • We also have added a Shining Chest to the Level 105+ dungeon boss chests where you can get a random Shining.
    • We've added some Shinings into the Achievement Shop.


    • You can now only use the dispel skill on players in a +-15 level area.
    • The Metinstone in Grotto of Exile 2 will now only spawn melee monsters.
    • The Metinstone in Grotto of Exile 2 now gives you EXP.
    • We have increased the time for beginner itemshop items from 2 to 5 days.
    • We have doubled the drop of Dragon Stone Shard from level 45 to 90 metinstones.
    • We have deleted the equipment in the Chest of tree Beings and Velora Desert Chest.
    • We have changed the yang drop bonus from the Legendary Knuud Pet into the double item drop bonus.
    • Changed Resistance against Monsters into Strong against Metins Bonus on the Level 115 PvM helmet.
    • Increased the Skill damage of Lv 115 PvP helmet from 10% to 15%.
    • Increased the Skill damage of Lv 115 PvP boots from 8% to 20%.
    • Changed the Skill resistance bonus to Skill damage bonus on Lv 115 PvP belt.
    • Changed the Skill resistance bonus on Belt of Frost to skill damage bonus.
    • Changed the average hit resistance bonus on Belt of Fire to average damage bonus.
    • Increased the attack value on Obsidian bracelet from 55 to 120.
    • We've added skill damage bonus to Kyanite and Obsidian Bracelet.
    • Emerald bracelet now have skill damage bonus.
    • Garnet bracelet now have average hit resistance bonus.
    • Pyraia and Garnaid now only drop 1x Upgrade Chest instead of 2.
    • We have changed the contents from High level dungeon boss chests. Only chests where you drop now will have new content, the old ones are still like before.
    • Changed the spawn time for the 4 bosses in the Jotun's Forest Temple(spawning faster).
    • Adjusted the damage on the World bosses.


    • Fixed the magical attack value on sashes.
    • Fixed the visual shop time(for open a shop).
    • Fixed the transmutation of fan's, Bell's etc.
    • Fixed the design of permanent Nirwana mount.
    • Fixed the Shortcuts in romanian client.

    Explanation of the Shining System

    We have added 4 different versions of all shinings. The differences are as follows:

    • 5 Day Shinings are the Free Version from Achievement Shop. You can only add 1 bonus to them. You can also only use the (b) items to enchant the shining.
    • 15 Day Shinings are the normal ones from ingame drop(boss chests) or the itemshop. Here you can add 2 bonusses. The Enchant items are droppable from metinstones and boss monster chests.
    • Permanent Shinings can have up to 3 different bonusses. You can craft 15 Day Shinings into a permanent one.
    • Legendary Shinings are made from Permanent Shinings. Here you can also add 3 bonusses but the special here is, that the bonus value are higher than on all other shinings. As example: All Shinings can have 5% Half Humans. Legendary Shinings can have maximal 10%. So its very worth to craft them.

    You can equip 4 Shinings in the same time.

    1x Weapon Shining

    2x Armor Shining

    1x Special Shining (this are rare shinings)


    Normal Shining Bonus:

    Bonus Value Value² Weapon Shining Armor Shining Special Shining
    Max HP 500 1000 ×
    Casting Speed 3 8
    Chance of Critical Hits 3 5
    Chance of Penetration Hits 3 5
    Attack value 15 25 ×
    Intelligence 2 5 × ×
    Strength 2 5 × ×
    Dexterity 2 5 × ×
    Vitality 2 5 × ×
    Strong against Animals, Orcs, ... 3 8 × ×
    Strong against Warrior 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Sura 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Ninja 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Shaman 3 5 × ×
    Strong against Bosses 2 4 × ×
    Strong against Metins 2 4 × ×
    Strong against Half Humans 3 5 × ×

    Legendary Shining Bonus:

    Bonus Value Value² Weapon Shining Armor Shining Special Shining
    Max HP 1000 1500 ×
    Casting Speed 8 12
    Chance of Critical Hits 5 10
    Chance of Penetration Hits 5 10
    Attack value 25 50 ×
    Intelligence 5 8 × ×
    Strength 5 8 × ×
    Dexterity 5 8 × ×
    Vitality 5 8 × ×
    Strong against Animals, Orcs, ... 8 10 × ×
    Strong against Warrior 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Sura 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Ninja 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Shaman 5 10 × ×
    Strong against Bosses 4 8 × ×
    Strong against Metins 4 8 × ×
    Strong against Half Humans 5 10 × ×

    A very important information:

    You need to download the new client on our website. Its impossible to use the old client after this update!

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