Halloween Event 2020

  • Hello dear community,

    Today is a gloomy day on Xaleas. We have it the 31.10.2020, it is Halloween. For hundreds of years there has been a rumor that Jack Pumpkin haunts every Map1 on this day. He comes every year from 31.10.2020 to 8.11.2020 and tries to spread fear and terror. Most villagers of thecity hide in their houses during this time and avoid any contact. It is important to bring Jack Pumpkin as many Halloween shards as possible. Like every year he also brings his Halloween store where you can buy many creepy items. Only if Jack Pumpkin gets enough items delivered he stays nice. Nobody wants to see what happens if Jack Pumpkin gets delivered too little and gets angry.

    hWRkbab.png Halloween Event 2020 - Information hWRkbab.png

    Special Drops

    During the whole event you can alternatively drop from all monsters R6eVdab.png Pumpkin-Seeds and XSvHdab.png Halloween Shards.

    You can drop wzQZbab.png Pumpkins from every Dungeon final boss.

    wzQZbab.png Pumpkin Droplist:

    Dungeon Amount
    Nicita's Spores Forest (Final boss: Nicita) 1x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Orc Maze (Final boss: Stone Orc) 1x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Demontower (Final boss: Blue Death) 2x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Devils Catacombs (Final boss: Azrael) 2x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Beran's Chamber (Final boss: Beran-Setaou) 2x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Red Dragon Fortress (Final boss: Razador) 3x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Nemere's Cave (Final boss: Nemere) 3x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Anima's Wasteland (Final boss: Anima) 3x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Virhana's Underworld (Final boss: Virhana) 3x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Jotun's Forest Temple (Final boss: Jotun Thrym) 4x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Loknar's Dawnmist (Final boss: Loknar) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Zundra's Thunder Cave (Final boss: Zundra) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Krotan's Magic Forest (Final boss: Krotan) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Gaia's Canyon (Final boss: Gaia) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Tahnee's Path of Hell (Final boss: Tahnee) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Cantor's Glacier Shard (Final boss: Cantor) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Pyraia Temple (Final boss: Pyraia) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin
    Pyramids of Garnaid (Final boss: Garnaid) 5x wzQZbab.png Pumpkin

    With this items you can buy other spooky items at the Event store on Map1, next to Jack-Pumpkin.

    Halloween Event Store



    Halloween Shard Ranking

    The captured XSvHdab.png Halloween Shards can be handed in at Jack Pumpkin to be featured in the Top 15 Ranking. The 15 players who have given the most XSvHdab.png Halloween Shards to Jack Pumpkin will receive a special reward.


    1st: 10€ Coins + Permanent Halloween Costume Set + Spooky Mooky Pet + 5x Halloween Chest

    2nd: 10€ Coins + Permanent Halloween Costume Set + Spooky Mooky Pet + 3x Halloween Chest

    3rd: 5€ Coins + 30 Day's Halloween Costume Set + Ghost Horse (30 Days) + 3x Halloween Chest

    4th - 10th: 30 Day Halloween Costume Set + 2x Halloween Chest

    11th - 15th: 3x Halloween Chest

    yj6Sfab.png Halloween Chest Contents yj6Sfab.png


    Itemshop Content

    Halloween Costumes



    Ghost Horse (Mount)

    30 Days = 20% Strong against Monsters (Itemshop)

    5 Days = 15% Strong against Monsters (Event Shop)



    Spooky Mooky (Pet)

    15 Days

    10% Strong against Metins

    20% Strong against Monsters

    15% EXP

    1500 HP

    (Itemshop & Event Shop)




  • *After the Event, 5 Day Costumes and Spooky Mooky Pets/Ghost horse will be deleted.

    We will give you some more days after the event to enjoy that items. After that we delete these items to let the market prices for mounts/pets/costumes rise back into the normal range.

    ATTENTION: Also the itemshop pet 'Spooky Mooky' will be deleted!