Elitepvpers Review Event

  • Hello,

    Xaleas has now been online for over 7 months. The server and also the team has changed a lot during this time. We have gone through a lot together, ups and downs. Today we are at a point where we would like to get some feedback. It's not easy to get a lot of feedback from players and that's why we package it as an event for you. That way, everyone will get something out of it!

    From now until 31.10.2020 23:59 CET you have the opportunity to write a detailed feedback about Xaleas. However, this must be posted on Elitepvpers in our server presentation. All authors of a review come into one pot. There will be 10 winners drawn. Each winner receives 10€ in coins on our server. From the 10 winners 3 more will be drawn to receive a new special costume.

    Conditions to win at the Review Event:

    • The Elitepvpers rules must be followed! Whoever tries to gain an advantage with multi accounts will be completely disqualified!
    • The review must contain at least 200 characters and detailed experiences/opinions about the server.
    • Under your review your character name must be written urgently to transfer the prize as fast and easy as possible. If you want to stay anonymous you can create a level 1 character for it.

    Post your Review here: https://www.elitepvpers.com/fo…20-03-2020-19-00-cet.html

    If you want to support us, you can put the following code into your signature:

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    2. [URL=https://xaleas.com/][IMG]http://epvpimg.com/La9Jcab.gif[/IMG][/URL]
    3. [URL="https://discord.gg/QVHQsyX"]Xaleas - Together We Rise
    4. Old/Middleschool ~ International 11 Languages
    5. Join our Discord[/URL]
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  • Hello,

    we have drawn all winners of the review event. We want to thank all participants, also those who unfortunately did not win. The draw was done with a random name picker and therefore the winners were chosen absolutely randomly. A proof video of the counting will be added later.

    In the following we name all 10 winners who have won coins. We only mention the number of the answer in our thread on Elitepvpers.com and the username of the respective Elitepvpers account.

    The winnings will be automatically credited to your account. Only the winners of the costumes have to contact me.

    The 10 Winners of 10€ Coins:

    #1695 (LabbaMichNichtVoll)

    #1691 (KörperK)

    #1702 (NotForEveR)

    #1723 (Aroside)

    #1708 (LeXaVo)

    #1704 (CarryAlex)

    #1724 (Alpey)

    #1694 (AddiCTeT56)

    #1701 (WeedyConsales)

    #1721 (Sturmios)

    The 3 Winners of a special rare costume:

    #1701 (WeedyConsales)

    #1721 (Sturmios)

    #1704 (CarryAlex)

    Congratz to all winners!

    Together We Rise! <3